Navy Veterans Discuss moving to San Diego and From San Diego – PCSing and Rental Properties

Two San Diego Navy Veterans Discussing PCSing to and from America’s Finest city – Deciding on whether you should own, rent, sell and buy in your (Point Loma, 32nd Street, Camp Pendleton, or beyond) duty station as an investment in building your legacy.
During the recording, feel free to skip ahead to the section most of interest to you. In this interview Jason and Clint discuss how as an active Navy Veteran you can explore real estate as a piece of planning for a life after service. The process of building wealth is not instant, it requires time and patients to explore, plan and implement while deciding what is most important to you. Knowledge creates opportunity and working with a team who have your interest at heart leads to new opportunities!
At the Legacy Realty Network, our mission is to support wealth building through real estate, leading to a path of financial freedom
We do this through financial education and personalized wealth building plans, the Legacy Realty Network team works to navigate the path towards home ownership and real estate opportunities for our clients. The end result, supporting our clients in following their dreams and passions.

Our network includes local education institutions, Active Duty military and Veteran communities, non-profit organizations and a worldwide network of professional, like minded Realtors. These connections create a platform to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

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In the recording you will find the following: Each sentence has hyper-links to jump directly to that section of the conversation.
Greeting from Jason Rivera to active-duty Clint Bailey
Learn the story of Jason and his wife in how to fail at buying your first home, waiting too long cost you thousands of dollars. Money that could grow for your future, instead of paying someone else’s mortgage!
Intro PCSing to Hawaii Bought your first house link to Rich Dad Poor Dad the book.
You decided to buy – now what
Mindset – not dream home – 1st home
Shop around going forward to find the best fit for you Pluses and minuses in home buying – With no money down, and no taxes on the money used for a place to live, what have you got to loose?
Spouse and Agreement of location, type, considerations The important concept of communication!
Lessons Learned – what would you do differently?
EARL and pitfalls/advantage -watch interest rates and use to drop your rate, just know that the note will reset.
PCSing Advice to San Diego from an EOD Talking to a Jr. Sailor, what would your advice be them? Use social media to learn topics and then go deep with a professional, Lender and Realtor who has your best interest in mind. Understanding the value of a VA loan, where you have to serve our country to qualify and how it is superior to many lending options.
Proactive PCSing when and how to decide on Property Manager vs. List your home to sell
Property Management Discuss Self vs. service Knowing that things cost 8-10% for someone to take care of your property, how to decide what to do next.
Learn about Active Duty and Passive Income
PCS and buying there – what steps to take with VA loan and home hunting.