Permanent Change of Station

You've Got Orders, Now What

1. Decide what type of move you want to do. Traditional Move, PPM (aka DITY), Partial PPM

2. Get your paperwork in order. Once you have your hard copy orders, go to the transportation office to coordinate the move.

3. Set a budget so you can start saving.

4. Research Your New Duty Station

Will you rent or buy?

Live on or off base.

Review the schools and employment opportunities for family members.

Research doctors, dentists, and any additional service or healthcare providers.

5. If you own a home at your current duty station, decide if you will rent or sell.

6. Schedule final doctor appointments for self and family members.

7. Prepare for the move.

  • Take photos of all valuables
  • Purge any items you do not want or need to move
  • Make a PCS binder will all essential paperwork
  • Make a Do Not Pack area with essential items needed until travel and that you will travel with.
  • Empty all trash cans so the movers do not pack your trash.